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Meet the Sierra Leonean filmmaker Introducing Australian Audiences to Fresh African Perspectives
I feel blessed to be featured in the article from OkayAfrica. "I'm at a stage in my career where I feel valued and seen. I want to tell bold heroine stories that will inspire young women to dream big!".  For more info click here
Recipient of Doco180 series 2
I will direct Inner Demons, unpacking whether being a curvy woman is a blessing or curse. Hawanatu’s film will  depict her subject Rosaline’s tug-of-war story and how she banished her demons to become a celebrated mixed race, curve model. The documentary will be produced by Taylor Litton-Strain. For more info click here
Screen Producers Australia Ones to Watch
I am excited to be part of the 2017 Screen Producers Australia Ones to Watch. I have the privilege to be mentored by Carmel Travers, a leading film industry producer. I will have the opportunity to pitch my TV show to a major TV network. Also, looking forward to the many networking opportunities including attending Screen Forever Conference in November. For more info click here
Unique, strong & beautiful – Afro Sistahs breaking stereotypes
I am delighted to share this article. A few months ago I met with a group of Afro-Australian young ladies to develop a web series. I just love the connections I have created with these Sistahs. I can't wait to direct the web series. To read the article click here
Observer in the writers' room at Goalpost Pictures
My dream came true. I shared my amazing experience in a writers' room. See the article I wrote on the Screen NSW website here 
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