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Afro Sistahs (proof of concept)


Production Year: 2018


Film genre: Drama/Comedy


Role:  Director/Writer

Synopsis: A dramedy digital series that follows the lives of four Afro Australian women as they navigate everything from friendship, nosey Aunties, woke baes and their hair.


Inner Demons


Production Year: 2018


Film genre: Documentary


Role:  Director

Synopsis: How white beauty standards gave Rosaline Kanneh an eating disorder and her journey towards healing and self-acceptance.

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Lives in Action


Production Year: 2018


Film genre: Documentary


Role:  Director

Synopsis: Lives in Action takes an intimate look at the experiences of six people with disability from diverse backgrounds living in Australia. The film explores how these six people navigate cultural perception, overcome barriers  to pursue their goals and champion their way to be socially included in society.


I am Black and Beautiful


Production Year: 2017


Film genre: Documentary


Role:  Director

Synopsis: Using bold words and equally dramatic movements, seven Afro-Australian women share their experiences and express their ideas about living in the skin they're in.

The Swing


Production Year: 2016


Film genre: Documentary


Role: Writer, Director, & Producer


Synopsis: A curious short documentary exploring the significance of childhood memories. The film consists of interviews with older people sharing their earliest experiences of school and their recollections of how this milestone has shaped their life journey.

The Flow


Production Year: 2016


Film genre: Dance/experimental


Role: Writer & Director


Synopsis: A short film reflecting the experiences of adversity and triumph of a dancer’s journey conveyed through dance movement.



Production Year: 2013


Film genre: Dance/Experimental 


Role: Writer, Director, Producer, Editor and Sound Designer


Synopsis: The film is about Babsy, an Ethiopian dancer who was taught to dance by her mother and now she wants to pass down the dance tradition to her children.

9 Lives: A Documentary


Production year: 2013


Film genre: Documentary


Role: Co-producer 


Synopsis: Team9Lives is a short documentary that focuses on a team of youth in South Western Sydney whose passion for parkour the urban discipline ventures far and wide. Shot handheld run-and-gun style, the film follows them as they teach parkour classes to the young community of Fairfield, an ethnic suburb that holds one of Sydney’s largest youth populations. Pitted with casual conversations, the team’s humour and depth, Team9Lives challenges the misconceptions of ‘gangs on the street’ and outlines the transformative power of parkour.

Money Tree


Production year:  2011


Film genre:  Animation


Role:  Writer and Director


Synopsis: A short animation about a young boy who wants to become rich by planting a stolen coin.

Something About Grace


Production year:  2009


Film genre:  Thriller


Role:  Co-writer and Production Manager


Synopsis: A  film about past dreams and the deceptions of a mind wrapped up in love.

Not Good Enough


Production year: 2009


Film genre: Drama


Role:  Writer and Director


Synopsis: A film about a young woman striving to succeed professionally, and at the same time dealing with her own personal demons.

Never Give Up


Production year: 2009


Film genre: Documentary


Role:  Cinematographer


Synopsis: A documentary with re-enactments about the migration and early settlement days of Richard, a refugee from South Sudan.



Production year: 2009


Film genre: Drama


Role:  Writer and Director


Synopsis: A short film about a newly arrived refugee in Australia. The film explores the challanges he experience as he resettles into a new life in Australia.


                                                              OTHER FILM CREDITS



2017                            ‘Muslims Like Us’ SBS documentary

                                     Production Company: CJZ

                                     Researcher/Associate Producer



2014                            ‘The Great Australian Race Riot’ 3 part documentary series for SBS

                                    Production Company: Essential Media and Entertainment

                                    Director: Sally Aitken

                                    Production Assistant (Intern)



2013                           ‘I am Emmanuel’ a short film

                                    Company: AFTRS

                                    Director: Genevieve Clay-Smith

                                    2nd Assistant Director, Script Supervisor and Director’s   Attachment



2010                         'Mariam is Late' a short film

                                  Production Designer



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