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Rejuvenate your work community today

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Current Crises

The last two years have seen some catastrophic events - pandemic, floods, food shortages and polarisation.


Businesses suffered.

Organisations were in a mess.

Employees were left anxious and stressed.


Most staff have had to work from home, feeling isolated and uncertain about the future. At the same time, they often have to meet increased demands from vulnerable clients and the general community. Hence, employees are now feeling overworked, burnt out and uninspired.​

​Studies revealed that, during the onslaught of Covid, the workforce experienced similar burnout at the beginning of the year, as it would be expected in November or December each year. This shows that there is a significant change in the amount of pressure employees are handling and to an average person who can only take so much, that isn't good at all.

Currently, more than 45% of Australian workers are feeling demotivated and exhausted mentally and physically at the end of the day. Imagine how that could be dangerous not only to the employees' mental health but also to businesses and the economy.

Challenging situations that put employees under continuous stress can lead them to feeling:

  • stressed and burnt out

  • disconnected from their work

  • uninspired

  • hard to focus

  • isolated

  • fearful about the future

  • hopeless

This can lead to reduced productivity and performance and high turnover in times when its hard to find new talent.

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Employee Burnout

In this program, we aim to rejuvenate people towards:

  • increasing their individual wellbeing

  • creating a workplace culture that fosters supportive relationship among co-workers,

  • contributing positively and efficiently towards their team,

  • showing up more confidently and communicating their work whilst being open to constuctive feedback that could further lead to a better output

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When people look after their wellbeing, they tend to be more engaged and more confident to show up at work and do their best.

This results in:


  • exponential business growth

  • creative innovations

  • better output quality

  • increased profits

  • increased retention

  • decreased turnover rates

  • attraction of exceptional talents

How It Works:

We facilitate wellbeing workshops for your employees that weave creativity, storytelling, mindfulness and self-care practices in an inclusive and safe environment.

Step 1. Initial Meeting

We will set up a 60-min Zoom meeting to discuss certain details with you. We will start to identify the needs and aspirations of your people.

Step 2. Tailor-Made Workshop Flow

  • We will use the power of gamification and other interactive activities to create a sense of connection to/for your people towards themselves, to each other, to their work and to the business.

  • We will design a personalised and tailored wellbeing program to help your people rejuvenate themselves out of the daily workplace stresses.

  • We will utilize different multicultural wellbeing practices to provide a holistic experience for everyone.

Step 4. Continuous Support

We will open opportunities for further support should there be a need for continuous implementation of the methods that we've specifically created for your organisation.

Step 3. Delivery of the Workshop

  • We will bring your staff together and create a safe space that will allow them to share their struggles and aspirations.

  • We will hatch creative ideas and ways that will help them rejuvenate themselves - methods that they can also apply to the organisation.

What is included?

  • Pre-workshop Zoom call

  • Pre-planning session with your team to tailor the program according to your people and organisational needs

  • Resources and materials needed on the day of the workshop

  • A post-session debrief for feedback and next steps

Our Approach

Our award-winning facilitators have qualifications and industry experience in social work, mental health, professional development, leadership and arts. We design a unique program for your organisation that blends creativity, storytelling and self-care to address the wellbeing needs of your staff, improve your workplace culture and help your people recover and rejuvenate.

By designing tailored programs that take into consideration culture, diversity and your organisation's unique needs, we create safe and inclusive environments to engage your staff in activities that will boost their morale, increase their wellbeing and contribute towards the business.

Collectively we have more than 30 years worth of experience of offering EAP, critical incident and wellbeing programs to different industries and organisations, nationally and internationally, including corporate, public sector and government bodies.

"Thank you for the amazing Friday afternoon! Much needed time for our team to rejuvenate and regain the energy and passion to keep supporting vulnerable youth and families."

Ludmila Klianev - Mission Australia

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Dimitrios is an award-winning consultant, counsellor and founder of SoulGen. He has extensive experience offering wellbeing, storytelling and creative workshops, training and events for the private and public sector including critical incident consultancy, wellbeing support and trainings through EAP for a number of industries, organisations and government bodies. He has a passion to connect people, build social capital and help individuals and teams to harness their individual and collective gifts, recover and rejuvenate.

See more info here:

Hawanatu is a social worker and filmmaker, she has a passion for wellbeing and helping people and teams discover their self-worth and values through creative expression, self-care and storytelling.

Her experience in storytelling helped her understand human and community dynamics and come up with strategies that further help others find grounding, focus and rejuvenation amidst the daily turmoil that we are facing.

Our Facilitators

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