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Self-care Facilitator

Transform Your Life

Welcome to a  safe and nurturing space.
Embark on a unique storytelling and wellbeing program with Hawanatu Bangura to enrich your daily life

Our Wellbeng Approach

In our workshops, we weave creativity, storytelling, and self-care. Embracing our inner essence fully involves nurturing these three fundamental principles. This approach enables participants to feel seen, heard and understood in a safe and flourishing environment. We approach these practices through the lens of connection, authenticity, and self-compassion.

Self-care offers a practical method to cope with life's challenges, proactively enhancing our emotional and mental well-being.

Storytelling aids in understanding the narratives we and others construct. Sharing personal stories grants us the freedom to explore our identities.

Creativity fosters a sense of presence and rekindles our inner child, encouraging curiosity, playfulness, and vitality. It allows us to visually articulate emotions and ideas, revealing our authentic selves.

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About Hawanatu Bangura


I am Hawanatu Bangura, a filmmaker and social worker based in Sydney. I have over a decade of experience providing social work assistance to marginalised individuals in Australia.

I am dedicated to providing individuals with access to tools for well-being and storytelling through my workshops. I envision a world where people can confidently embrace their true selves with self-compassion, empowering them to lead authentic lives.

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I had the honour of working with these distinguished organisations:




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